The Exmouth Shanty Men - Poor Old Horse Chanty - Duration: 1:52. (Well) poor old man your horse he must die (X2)(Well) 30 days have come and gone (1) (x2)And now we are on a good month’s payI think I hear our wharfing (old) (2) man saySo give them grog for the 30th day (x2)Then up aloft to the main yard arm And we say so, And we hope soThen cut him adrift (4) and will do him no harm Poor old man.A poor old man came ridin’ alongNOTE1) in this version the ceremony obviously takes place after the first month of navigation2) Capt. While you lay on y'er feather bed. Viene data attribuzione a testi e immagini laddove l’autore sia riconoscibile. Lullabies & Nursery Rhymes (Ninnananne e Filastrocche), Summer Ritual Chants (i canti rituali dell’Estate), Winter Ritual Chants (Canti Rituali dell’Inverno), Waulkink the Tweed: l’antica lavorazione del tweed. // lines below shouldn't be edited Hi, do you know where the photograph is from? Oh! And they say so, and they hope so. These are the words for the Shantey called "The Dead Horse" in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag: For a guide on how to get this Shantey, see: Havana Song Sheets #1 Guide. O, poor old man your horse will die, O, poor old man! This song has since been recorded on at least 28 different LP/cassette/CD releases, of which only Fisherman's Friends and Proper Records have failed to properly credit the writer. Forbidden Sea Shanty of the Horse is located inside the building in the west part of Freehold near the cliff. There can be no doubt that the land-variant, which Sharp found as a part of the hobby-horse drama in … Mostra altri articoli, Mostra Commenti Says I, "Old man, your horse will die." Oh! And if he don't I'll ride him again [CROWD] And we say so, and we know so! Titles: Dead Horse, Poor old man, Poor old HorseUse: Halyard e Long drag shanty, For this shanty we have two hypotheses about the origins, according to Stan Hugill there was a song related to the ceremony that took place after a month of sailing to celebrate the end of the work that serves to pay the debts contracted by the sailors before departure. It then became a halyard shanty. They are generally sung much too fast, for the shanty was normally used only for a hard pull, and the back- … Non può pertanto considerarsi un prodotto editoriale ai sensi della legge n.62 del 7.03.2001. Chorus 1 Says I, "Old man, your horse will die."