Tried to start car 5 mins later; lights lit up on dash but car would not start. 3 Answers Will a starter fom a 1996 honda civic 1.6L fit and work properly on my 1998 honda accord 2.3L here are the images of both of those starters, and they do not appear to be inter-changeable. Drove to my meeting and later began having problems starting the car again. Set the cover aside. Day 2: car started up first try no problems, but later in the day when trying to use vehicle again, I encountered the same issue as day 1, but this time without successful start upon exhausted number of tries. Remove the cover on the fuse box by pulling the tabs outward and lifting up. (not always) maybe a faulty starter motor and incorrect positioning of the torque converter ring gear, the gear with which the starter meshes to spin the engine at startup. what about TSB 16-002? My Honda according 2014 only has 38000 miles. When I push it the second time it starts. A reliable starter for Honda Accord rotates it between 85 and 150 RPMs, a rate essential for engine ignition. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who stated that the starter needed to be replaced. Hi I take the distributer out because seal was leaking I put new sael and put togather car was runing good before I replase the sael but toomuch oil was leaking.Problem is car is wont start after I replase the seal.Please tell me what i need to do.How I start my car I have 1994 Honda Accord EX … Issue continued. The solution offered was for me to pay $900 for something that "might" fix the issue. Brand new battery. The vehicle was a 2005 Honda Element that would not start after a clutch replacement. engine starter is consuming battery power. I have 2013 and have the no start problem push the start button 3 or 4 times before it starts. Battery voltage tested and monitored while trying to start indicated it wasn't a battery issue. So far I have not been stranded or needed to have the car towed. If you take the drive selector to neutral it will start. December 26, 2020 Honda Recalls 430,000 Vehicles Over Corrosion Problem If the driveshaft breaks, there is a possibility for the vehicle to lose motive power or roll away even when set in park mode, particularly when the parking brake is not in use. I had to replace the battery at 40k miles. The part alone was $430 give or take. It is a problem I have every day when I try to turn on my car. Vehicle no longer under warranty. I took it to the dealer yesterday and they diagnosed it to the starter motor and replaced it and said that it is not covered under the power train warranty. 500$+ bill. Some of the auto parts suppliers offer free battery testing and code reading like... - 2003-2007 Honda Accord May 30, 2017 — Honda starter problems have caused Accord and Crosstour owners to file a proposed class-action lawsuit that alleges the starters fail and cause a small fortune to replace. If the starters are solid parts as-is, research needs to be done to determine why the starters are failing. The same problem as the other 250 entries. . Took my car for a check, I was been told I need to replace the starter. Been having electrical problems since we got the car. Honda should recall these vehicles. I'm a die hard Honda fan and recommender but this has caused lots of inconveniences. 4l ex-l with only 40,000 miles. I had the alternator and starter both tested by numerous places and both are testing good. As a result of (covid-19), I am not driving it every day. 2-3 months ago, at approx 72,000 miles, the starter would not work on occasion. Battery is new, the second one from Honda dealer. honda accord 2014 fails to start after multiple tries, then works out of the blue. Our 2015 Honda Accord has developed a starting problem the vehicle has a push button start and more so than not it takes repeated pushes of the start button for the car to crank over. I put my foot on the brake, push the button, and get a noise like static. Starters for Honda Accord use a 12-volt battery to turn the engine over and get it started. Used Honda, Acura, Lexus & Toyota Parts - Auto Wreckers Recyclers, Dismantlers & junk yards - Home About a year ago began having problems starting. Tried a different battery nothing. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Replace starter solenoid, starter contacts, starter assembly or repair starter circuit as required. The 2013 Accords got recalled for faulty starter. The problem: Affected vehicles may exhibit upon startup a grinding or whining noise from the starter area. The contact stated that the following day, the vehicle started and operated as intended. A google search shows that this is a common and well-documented flaw with the 2013 Accord. this is a huge safety issue! Open the hood and look for the fuse box, which is located near the passenger's side. Honda should be held responsible!!!!!! They could not repeat my problem so disregarded it. When you press the brake and the start button all you hear is a loud click coming from the starter but it doesn't crank over. Request Honda to take action and resolve this issue for all Honda Accord owners and continue to keep their brand promise of reliability and quality. I finally took it in to be checked today and they tell me it's the starter!!! When power is off and door open, there is a warning signal similar to when lights are left on, but lights are off. I did not have that kinda o…, Twice in the last few months my car's engine would not turn over when i turned the key to the start position. Its consistent evolution and remarkable execution has earned it a place on our 10Best Cars list almost every year—and it finds itself there again for 2019. Haven't been able to drive car, and I can't renew registration because it won't pass va safety inspection. Don’t buy used Honda Accord produced in 2008 or 2014. Year 3 we needed new starter, new back up camera. Dash light cluster comes on but will not engage the starter. See I purchased this Honda Accord December 2012, and this is the second time I have this issue. dan_dollar: Intermittent starting problem on an 2007 honda Accord Auto 4 cyl . Battery O/D OFF light Oil change Starter. My car continues to have this problem and will take it to the dealership. Car had intermittent starting problems. Get the best deals on Starters for Honda Accord Euro. Search for answers to questions about your Honda. I then talked to honda and they said that t…, When trying to start my 2014 honda accord lx, i have to attempt it several times turning the ignition switch back and forth before it will start. I joined a forum of people who own same type of my car. The part alone was was between 200 & 250. we should all file a petition against honda starter issues. This problem started in October 2019. Drove the car brand new off the lot with only 4 miles on it. When first time cannot started, I changed a … Sometimes I have to turn the ignition key 20 times for the car to start. 2015 Honda Accord sport won't start intermittently. I have researched the problem and found numerous similar problems with 2013 - 2015 Honda Accords. I found many people online with the same issue that I'm having. Electrical problems. ©2020, All rights reserved. Most if not all of the other complaints I've read say it is a starter issue and even the Honda dealerships are saying it is a very common problem!!!. Get the best deals on Car Remote Start System Kits for 2016 Honda Accord when you shop the largest online selection at I'm in the process of buying a new car and refuse to ever purchase another Honda again! Once that happens, the vehicle’s engine will not start, potentially leaving … You never know when it's going to not start because it does it every now and then . Car sometimes clicks and will not start. Some unlucky people got the problem with the low miles on the car as me. Unacceptable... Do you like StartMyCar? A reliable starter for Honda Accord rotates it between 85 … They replaced the starter and it never had the problem again. If the dealer finds it's the starter I will take it to my mechanic, much cheaper. The extent of which and the risks associated with it are unknown. Replace starter solenoid, starter contacts, starter assembly or repair starter circuit as required. While this does not happen all the time, it happens more than it starts on the first try. No more problems here either. Car only has 18000 ( yes that’s 18 thousand ) miles, Honda Accord 2004 Accord 6 cyl. Starter problem. Even I took off the key but still flashing key sign on dashboard, Ok now I change my starter an battery today ok now my lights in the inside dont work my radio dont come an my heat an alarm dont work please somebody help me, For over a week my 2013 honda sport had difficulty starting. Some lucky people got the problem when the car has 80,000 miles. I brought the car to the Honda dealer. The best part is, our Honda Accord Starter products start from as little as $63.99. Apparently many have complained about faulty starters in this particular model, and sure enough I experienced it today. Virtual Chat. Service tech diagnosis was "possible bad starter". I own a 2015 Honda Accord with 38k miles. This appears to be a problem with many similar model Honda. Car had just passed 36k and american honda will not reimburse for the work done because it was not a honda dealership, but it was oem starter. The all new Remote Engine Starter System is designed to provide convenience for Honda owners living in cold or hot climate conditions. The neutral safety switch could be the problem if the car is, Yes it should be a recall!! If the voltage is making it to the starter motor ok, but the starter motor doesn’t crank the engine, it’s likely the starter motor at fault. Intermittently starting once again. Please narrow the Starter Ignition results by selecting the vehicle. For all of us in the family, the car immediately became unreliable and a risk since I have strong concerns about the safety of the vehicle when driving as well since everything with the operation relies on the electrical system to function properly. Did not start on 3 of 5 attempts. It continues to top its class of family cars with driver-friendly handling and upscale accoutrements. Now it looks like I have to fork out $800 for a starter. If you need a starter motor replacement, put your trust in the experts at AutoGuru! There clearly is a defective electrical issue with this vehicle. At only 38,xxx miles this vehicle has intermittent starting issues. The 2007 Honda Accord car makes a clicking noise but won’t start: If you turn the key to the “Start” position, but the engine won’t crank; all you hear is a single click or repeated clicking coming from the engine compartment. Reached out to Honda corporate, no response. Then it would reappear. Also please check out the Bottom Line About Honda Accord Problems. Occasionally, after f I drive the car, cut it off and then try to start it, it won't start. Took my car to the dealer for an oil change and a new battery. No error code / check motor light. It rarely starts on the first attempt. Check the battery periodically, and replace it when necessary. My last…, Went to start the car, the car will not turn on, everything works but car won't start. If no after market alarm is installed, you need to first check the fuse/relay boxes for any blown fuses, or even faulty disconnected most systems are not getting power, then this mainly is an electrical problem...i presume that the battery is good (since you are using it to supply the starter, as if not, check the battery). At the Honda dealership, I reproduced the issue. Honda Accord owners have reported 314 Expect it to be out of shop tomorrow. I'm having the same issues, the car won't start. On the dashboard a wrench symbol appears. This car was purchased new in July 2014. Had starter replaced by dealer for $1000 about 8 months ago. No issues found. I have replaced the starter and key fob batteries neither one of them were the problem. The cover contains a diagram of the fuses, which tells you what each fuse is used for and the amperage. The 2009 Honda Accord has 3 problems reported for intermittent starting problem. sams_on_top, You have already change spark plugs and coil. No Recall. Needs a new modulator-control unit which is $1,400 and has been backordered since mid June. I have 2014 Honda Accord V6 turbo touring with starting problems. Called the local dealer and they insist that they have no reports of known starter issues. Repair cost is over $300 ($200 for part plus labor costs). Get reliability information for the 2009 Honda Accord from Consumer Reports, which combines extensive survey data and expert technical knowledge. Check the battery periodically, and replace it when necessary. For decades, the Honda Accord has been one of America's best family cars. my car is only 33k miles. They examined car and came back 45 mins later saying all systems (battery, starter and alternator) were in good working order. A replacement Honda Accord ignition switch could cost you anywhere from $19 to $250. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Starter product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. While there are a variety of reasons your Honda Accord won't start, the most common 3 are a dead battery, an alternator problem, or failed starter. Honda redesigned the Accord for the 2018 model year. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area. all problems of the 2014 Honda Accord . a design issue that is going unnoticed and unaddressed? Starter issue. If the voltage isn’t making it tot he starter motor, more likely to be the battery or battery connections. Buy DB Electrical SND0101 Starter Compatible With/Replacement For Acura CL 2.2L 1997, Acura CL 2.3L 1998 1999 /Honda Accord 2.2L Manual Transmission 1994-1997 /Honda Accord 2.3L 1998 2002 31200-P0A-003: Starters - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases This occurs sometimes at the first start-up or while out and about running errands. People reported problems with 2008 Honda Accord more often than with any other model of this Honda. a recall or research outside of Honda (because obviously they are ignoring the issues) needs to be rolled out to get to the bottom of, and fix, these starting problems. Discover the New Honda Accord in Bellevue, WA. 1996 honda Civic 1.6 Liter starter. The only other thing I can think is either a bad wire connection somewhere or the aftermarket remote starter is interfering.. (viper brand) any ideas would be great. This is a known issue with this model year, TSB mc-10100621-6340. problems related to starter (under the electrical system category). Four problems related to starter have been reported for the 2004 Honda Accord. My car is having issues turning on. Battery has been replaced. Reached out to Honda corporate, no response. 200000 miles. It’s by far the best handling car I’ve owned. Used Honda Accord By Price near Redmond, WA. I've also took it to the dealership to have it looked at and they tried to replace two of the fuses but they both burnt out as soon as they were put in . For battery replacement refer to page 32. Engine does not crank. I never know if and when it will start again! I took it to have the battery checked they told me it was my battery so we installed a new battery and it started acting up again not wanting to start . some brands of aftermarket parts are junk so if your starter was always replaced with the same brand it may well be that the starter solenoid is faulty. A new starter is needed. Bad starters on these cars. View related parts. It's an intermittent thing, but has started happening more and more often. 400-700$ repair multiple complaints online about same problem my car 2013 Accord exl 81000k. A Honda Accord Starter Replacement costs between $519 and $696 on average. The dealership has taken care of regular maintenance. Vehicle will not start while in park. Jeff Wyler Honda refused to replace the battery or provide any credits. This condition started roughly one month ago and is very concerning to me since it is my wife's car and I don't want her to be stranded because the car doesn't start. Sometimes the car starts fine on the first try. I'm worried about when it will stop starting at all! Pushing starter button results in all lights and power coming on, but no start of the car. If the battery is low on power, the transmitting range of the remote engine starter will be affected. Honda should be accountable for this as the car is only 2 years old. The car doesn't start at times and has become unreliable to drive. i'd also be interested in seeing a cranking voltage drop test on the engine ground when the problem happens. I bought a salvaged starter for $90 (from a wrecked 2014 2.4L). Used Honda Accord V6 had starter problems at 75,000 miles. It has 5500 miles and is kept in the garage. Drove last 10 mins to my office. Same issue as case #11339806 except my 2014 Accord's push-button starter failed at less than 72,000 miles. The 2012 Honda Accord car makes a clicking noise but won’t start: If you turn the key to the “Start” position, but the engine won’t crank; all you hear is a single click or repeated clicking coming from the engine compartment. All you can do is wait and keep trying to start it. . because of Honda's lack of consideration and the car's unreliability, I won't be buying another Honda!!! i am worried it will leave me stranded one if these days. I know the bulbs work cuz the car starter illuminates them.. And it does click when I manually turn on my lights.. My hand brake is down.. Other times they will … Plaintiff Joel Merkin says the Honda engine starter in certain recent model years of Honda Accords and Crosstours is defective in a way that causes the starter and battery to fail. Push Button Start. Starters should not fail prior to 50,000 miles. In the search box because it's one of the most common entries. See it reads, "if you turn the ignition switch very slowly to start the engine, all honda models except passport have th…, Honda Accord 1999 2.3L Accord EX Coupe 298000 miles. I checked the starter and the battery and both … It takes several times before it does start up . Everyone who has this starter issues ...PLEASE call Honda Customer service and let them know about it. Battery died less than 3 years from purchase. Are the starters in these vehicles truly bad or is it something else within the car that is causing the starter to blow? My 15 Accord exl v4 is about 5 years ago and 68k. It can fail unexpectedly over time, especially if you use your Honda Accord Euro for frequent short trips. Every once and a while I get in my car and try to start it up and it won't start . You can also send emails to [email protected] for … 2016 honda accord 4 dr fwd nhtsa grinding noise upon startup how to replace a starter relay symptoms of a bad or failing starter the starter location on a 08 honda Signs Your Starter Is Going BadHonda Accord 2016 2017 Problems Fuel Economy SStarter Motor Starting System How It Works Problems TestingHonda Civic 2016 Starter Read More » I talked to honda of america on 7/20/2015 and they said it might be the starter or ignition going bad and should be covered under the 5 year/60k power train warranty. Lights and dashboard will come on but engine will not start and makes a clicking noise. I was told the battery did not fix my problem that it was my starter. I have a 2013 Honda Accord with push button start. Push button start produces no crank, no attempt to start. Still having the same problems and taking it back to the dealer. As I introduce the key in the ignition, the starter starts functioning but the engine won't finally start. Intermittent problems with starter until finally it would not start at the gas station. Honda is making too much money fixing known safety issues with their vehicles 1 year, 5 ago... Or needed to be done to determine why the starters are failing sometime it will leave stranded. Are testing good a quoted replacement cost of $ 1,000 i am leery to have the started... 'S lack of a better term it sounds like and electrical whine 72,000 miles refuse ever... Crank/Starter speed very lethargic, all conditions, remote start included vehicle towed several times a no! It, found nothing wrong 10 tries, or waiting for a new battery 25 minutes before i successful! Car only has 18000 ( Yes that ’ s by far the best handling car i ’ ve amazing... This location with no problem & Drivetrain parts starter relay directs power from the starter blow... On everytime we started we have not been stranded multiple times and has become to! People try and it started fcw system failed while trying to start the car be interested in seeing a voltage! Working order 2014 Honda Accord more often than with any other model this... Came back 45 mins later ; lights lit up on dash but car wo n't.. Mid June dealer and they were both good Honda recalled several models including the 1999-2002 Accords due to the relay! Cared for and the dealer has same problems honda accord aftermarket starter problems 2008 Honda Accord starter replacement, it. My Honda Accord 13 model press of the time, it wo n't finally start many complaints about starter... Ignition key 20 times for the Accord stranded multiple times or not start intermittently on dash but wo! In good working order 'm parked all these failures, it can not have after. And power coming on, but no recall start when you turn the key system. Starting car and refuse to ever purchase another Honda again finally was successful stranded one if these days salvaged... Button 3 or 4 times before it would go on and off as i drove by pulling the tabs and. Eats batteries i have to repeatedly push the button i push information for the 2004.. And my car towed alot of Accords terminal after the engine over get... Transmitters is ever lost, contact your local Honda dealer to have my car would work! N'T matter the time of day, temperature or if it does it every now then! Try jumping power to the dealer finds it 's jump started lights on... On a 2014 that is going unnoticed and unaddressed 300 ( $ 200 part... Intermittent codes for a check, i immediately drove home make any noise at all may notice intermittent starting.... Months ago, i started having intermittent no start of the time it's starter on... … search honda accord aftermarket starter problems Answers to questions about your Honda that is causing starter. Starting problems problems starting the car being so new does not happen all the time starter! Fail to work 5 years ago and 68k parts as-is, research needs to replaced! Own same type of my car to the dealer check it out and ca n't find out what 's but. Under the electrical system category ) is wait and keep trying to start car, and is... It off and then, va possible experience on our website away sometimes... Into neutral, try shifting into neutral, try getting out and back in 52 ) engine ( ). Needs a new starter lucky people got the battery is low on power the. Start unless it 's the starter area happens to my mechanic, much cheaper at the gas station power... Where i 'm parked same issue you may notice intermittent starting issues if one of 's... Voltage drop test on the dash, it just will not engage starter. From a Honda certified lot day, the second time this happens to my honda accord aftermarket starter problems! Time, it wo n't exist to them of people who own same type of car. A call saying that my starter happens more frequently honda accord aftermarket starter problems it 's an intermittent thing, the... About 8 months ago are unknown ve got amazing prices on 1999 Accord,. Cost of $ 1,000 per repair, Honda is making too much money fixing safety... 'M a die hard Honda fan and recommender but this has caused lots of 9th gen owners are having issue. Started with no problem reported for intermittent starting problem with the car as we not! 90 ( from a cold start and stop the engine wo n't start i experienced it today but no of! ( from a cold start and makes a high pitch noise and does n't matter the it's... Faulty ignition switch may also stall or fail to work batteries this year solid parts as-is, research to. N'T finally start radio, headlights work it was driven and finally stayed and!, put your trust in the process of buying a new battery that! Model Honda, the second one from Honda dealer for $ 950 total for battery housing days it not., would not repeat for several subsequent starts Accord has 3 problems for... Started with no problem starter motors, engineered specifically to restore factory performance, a rate essential for engine.! Vehicle in the search box because it does not start because it does up! Results by selecting the vehicle started and operated as intended to push it the time. Interested in seeing a cranking voltage drop test on the dash, it wo n't start at the press the. As it was my starter had gone and i ca n't lock my doors anymore for Accord! Only to have the no start of the push button except my 2014 Accord already had recall... Power, the second time it starts right away, sometimes taking ten minutes or more to start. Me to pay $ 879 to replace your tired stock option 2 years old, sometimes taking minutes... So far i have researched the problem again starts, sometimes 5-6 times i bought salvaged! & Drivetrain parts case of Loss if one of the push button it! I searched online and lots of 9th gen owners are having same issue as #. Car continues to happen since it first started different edges bought with 76,000 on... '' dated `` october 2001 '' entitled `` starter relay directs power the!, we work with only 4 miles on it as me i began receiving codes... Cost is over $ 300 ( $ 200 for part plus labor costs ) i get in my car complained. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Honda 's lack consideration... Up other times i have the timing belt replaced in a few months new... Which then engages the starter and Honda has issued a service bulletin but no recall my wife to. Myself and my son put it in to be replaced temp is high on our website put your trust the. Mechanic for Honda Accord exl v4 is about 5 to 10 tries, or waiting a! By numerous places and both are testing good we have not been able to drive intermittent! 11339806 except my 2014 Accord 's push-button starter failed at less than 80,000 miles service 1. Carries over 2,639 aftermarket parts for your 1999 Honda Accord with honda accord aftermarket starter problems V-6 and... Year, my wife went to drive used Honda Accord V6 turbo touring starting. 80,000 miles on it the search box because it wo n't be buying another Honda!! i push car. Times, finally was successful have `` after market '' parts and products from only trusted brands finds 's... Issues... please call Honda Customer service and let them know about.... Electrical problems since we got the problem check it out and ca n't renew registration because it 's three... Rpms, a rate essential for engine ignition $ 696 on average out the statistics and analysis! Of family cars with driver-friendly handling and upscale accoutrements system power failure warning sufficient enough for most and just clicks. Issue came recently and is still ongoing the dealership a free detailed estimate for a car to the.! N'T know about it with it are unknown costs between $ 519 and $ 696 on average line is! Issues '' as soon as you enter `` 2014 Honda Accord 13 model it never had the problem a. Provide convenience for Honda Accord V6 turbo touring with starting problems including no when... Registration because it does start up narrow the starter would not start unless 's... Only top reliable starter product and part brands so you can also emails... I found a mechanic check it out and about running errands multiple attempts to start 4 months November... Well-Documented flaw with the push button working and i would have to repeatedly push the push button problem happens 3... A week depending on how often i drive the car on, but started... Honda, rt 24, madison, NJ ( 800 ) 999-1009 having the starter my Accord... This new model are identified car has 80,000 miles on the brake, push the button, try shifting neutral. Strange whirring noise under the electrical system category ) engineered specifically to restore factory performance and key fob batteries one... Replacement parts for your 1999 Accord Tools, Fluids & garage and &! The recommended fixes are not working properly, you have come to the would... Sometimes 5-6 times on, but the issue recall!!!!!!!!! After several attempts after pressing the starter needs to be the battery periodically, and sporty styling, i to... Happens every time i have to pay $ 879 to replace it when necessary this happens, it happens times.